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Leasehold Reform Seminar - "What about Shared Ownership?"

Online Zoom Seminar

Thursday 25th March – 1pm to 4pm

A free zoom members Leasehold Reform Seminar on recently confirmed reforms with specific focus on Shared Ownership and it’s future role.   

Places are limited – book your place now.  

Covering a veriety of issues including:

A line up of expert speakers will include

Nicholas Hopkins, Law Commission - Leasehold Reform Seminar Speaker
Nicholas Hopkins, Law Commission
Nicola Muir, Tanfield Chambers - Leasehold Reform Seminar Speaker
Nicola Muir, Tanfield Chambers
Darren Coleran, Bolt Burdon
Darren Coleran, Bolt Burdon
Chris Baker, McDowalls
Chris Baker, McDowalls
Christine Land, Law Commission - Leasehold Reform Seminar Speaker
Christine Land, Law Commission
Chris Yandell, Network Homes
Chris Yandell, Network Homes
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